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A mattress is not just a layer of foam on the bed, it is way more important than you think! It provides proper support to the body while sleeping and disturbance in its alignment can lead to body ache. Even the quality of sleep and the surrounding air is also based on the cleanliness of the mattress. Frequent spilling of beverages and collection of dust particles on the mattresses makes them dirty within a few weeks. Cleaning the mattresses is not just restricted to maintaining the look of the bedroom, but also holds importance for human health. Mattress stain removal is one of the essential services offered by professionals that help in keeping the mattresses in tip-top condition.

The harm caused by the stains may vary upon their sources. Stains by the urine, blood, vomit, sewage water, dirty feet and dead bed bugs can be more harmful than the stains caused due to coffee, chocolate syrup, ink and cosmetics. Expert mattress cleaning after every six or twelve months can be helpful in reducing the appearance of the stains. Apart from professional help, there are some useful and simple ways in which you can deal with the stubborn and dirty-looking stains on the mattress. Let’s explore those methods to remove the following types of stains:

1.  Blood Stains

White vinegar can be the best remedy to remove blood stains from the mattress. You can leave the white vinegar or 3% hydrogen peroxide on the stains for about 10 minutes. After that, you can remove the vinegar with a wet towel. This is an effective and simple way to remove blood stains.

2.  Urine Stains

If you have a kid or pet, then the formation of urine stains on the mattresses can be a common scenario. To deal with such types of stains, you should use an enzyme-based cleaner. You can apply the enzyme cleaner with a wet towel and let it stay on the mattress for 5 minutes. Make sure that the cleaner is absorbed well by the mattress. After everything is done, just air-dry the mattress to get the final results. Urine stains should be removed properly from the mattress because they contain harmful bacteria. If you feel that the dirty liquid has reached the depth of the mattress, then you should contact the mattress cleaning professionals.

3.  Vomit Stains

These stains produce a bad odour and look unhygienic. Immediate cleaning is required to remove these stains. Vomit spills must be wiped off by a cloth to prevent further damage. You can use baking soda to absorb the excess liquid and odour from the vomit stain. To get better results, dish soap liquid can also be used after removing the baking soda layer. Dry the mattress properly after removing the products.

4.  Red Wine Stains

A relaxing time with a glass of wine feels so mesmerising, but the stains formed on the mattress by the wine can be hard to clean. If you are looking for a simple way to remove wine stains, then salt and cold water can provide relief. If the stains are fresh, then you can sprinkle salt over them. After leaving the salt as it is for a while, you can use cold water to remove it. You will find a significant change in the colour of the stains with this method.

5.  Oil and Food Stains

Baking soda has great absorbing properties. It absorbs the oil and food stains from the mattress. Apply it generously over the stains and then remove it via a vacuum cleaner. If the stains are still left on the mattress, you can use liquid dish soap to remove the stains.

So, these were some major types of stains that can be commonly found on mattresses. It is next to impossible to save the mattresses from these stains because the stains are caused because of our daily life activities. The number of stains can differ based on the number of people living in the house, the presence of kids, pets and also the existence of allergy patients. Apart from these DIY hacks, it is essential to take professional help to fix stubborn stains. The mattress cleaning professionals follow a certain process to remove the stains.

1.  The stain removal experts start by examining the mattresses from all the corners. They make a further plan of action after this step only.

2.  They vacuum clean the mattress to clear the dust particles, soil particles and other impurities from the mattress.

3.  To remove the stains, biodegradable, non-toxic and human safe products are utilised. A heat is produced when the solutions touch the stain particles. Heat dissolves the particles and the mattress looks clean.

4.  Sometimes, a natural method of mattress steam cleaning is also used to remove the stains along with the contaminants such as bacteria and viruses.

5.  A special step of sterilisation and deodorisation is also added to remove the horrible odour and germs from the mattresses. Only safe and eco-friendly sanitisers are used on the mattresses. If you have a toddler at the house, then don’t forget to get this step after stain removal.

6.  To end the process, the professionals dry the mattresses for eradicating the moisture left after the use of cleaning agents.

Overall, it is a systematic and result-oriented approach that is also safe for mattress fibres, surroundings and human health.

Some Preventive Measures for Mattress Stains

By being extra careful and implementing some simple tips, you can easily prevent the stains from making a permanent home in the mattresses. To make things easier for you, we have prepared the following list. Check them out and don’t forget to implement them!

1.  Cover the Mattresses with Protective Layer

Falling of food particles and spilling of liquids can badly destroy the foam of the mattresses in a long run. Mattress protectors, toppers and pads are the three options that can be helpful in saving the mattress from being dirty and wet.

The mattress protectors look like a sheet and can be washed in a washing machine. Another alternative known as mattress pads are small and can be placed on the mattress to prevent stains. The toppers are also available for stain prevention. They are resistant to oil, liquid and dust. Mattress toppers are comfortable and thicker than the protectors. You can place these protectors in the guest room. They will not only prevent dirt but will also provide more a comfortable and luxurious look to your bed.

2.  Regular Cleaning

Just like carpets, mattresses also filter the air by trapping dust particles and pollutants. It is crucial to make space for other contaminants by removing the previous ones. In this way, regular cleaning helps in improving the quality of the air. Vacuuming one or two times a week can be beneficial in removing the dust particles from the mattresses. This in return helps in preventing dust mites.

3.  Keep the Mattresses under Sunlight

Sun rays are essential to dry the mattress. The stains formed because of different types of liquids can be prevented by keeping the mattresses outside in the sun. It is also helpful in removing the odour of pet stains and vomit stains. Mould and crushed dead bugs also leave very bad blemishes on the mattress. Direct sunlight exposure will kill the pests and would help in preventing the stains caused because of them.

4.  Take Immediate Action

Waiting for the stains to get tough and old can be a big mistake. All you need is a wet cloth. Clean the surface of mattresses as soon as something falls over it. This step will help in preventing the stains from becoming stronger. Sometimes, the damage becomes so severe that no option other than mattress replacement is left with the house owner.

Things to Consider While Removing the Stains

1.  Always choose the stain removal products according to the material of the mattresses. Some mattresses absorb more moisture than others. So, it is important to dry them more carefully.

2.  Never choose cleaning agents without checking the ingredients. If you are a parent or a pet owner, you can consult the doctor to know about the chemicals that might cause allergies in kids and pets.

3.  Stain removal should not be restricted to just superficial level. Deep cleaning is essential to remove the bacteria, viruses and other microbes that live around the stain particles.

4.  DIY hacks might look simple but can sometimes ruin the mattresses. So, be careful while choosing DIY methods over professional mattress cleaning.


Mattress stain removal is important to maintain the health and elegance of a mattress. Nothing works properly without regular maintenance. Similarly, the mattresses also require pampering and time. The professional service for stain removal should be booked at least once a year while other preventive measures should be followed throughout the year. Mattress plays a huge role in deciding the sleep quality, so keep the mattresses spotless and enjoy a peaceful sleep!

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